Wednesday, 29 August 2018

JDT needs to win 2 last match

By news-admin – JOHOR BAHRU: Johor Darul Ta’zim (JDT) has no choice but to win the remaining two Group C matches if they want to retain the Malaysian Cup they won last season.

JDT, who heads to Alor Setar to face Kedah in the fifth set of stages at the Darul Aman Stadium this Friday, has set a goal to win and can not be defeated and the scenario is seen as a ‘final’ match for Luciano Figueroa and Benjamin Mora’s squad.

As a team manager, Figueroa is aware of his complicated task for his line-up because he is facing a fierce opponent to assistant coach Azzmi Ab Aziz as his advantage lies in the Red Eagles squad in his own home.

Head coach of JDT, said the 5-1 victory at Larkin’s first round action could not be a measure as Kedah came down with a second line with no major milestones and sure to face JDT, the team would be reinforced by the best starting line-up.

“Kedah will almost certainly bring down Baddrol (Bakhtiar), Rizal (Ghazali) and Akhyar (Rashid) when facing off with us and I remind every player to be wary of threats especially from the fast-paced attack of Kedah.

“We are also relieved to get back Safawi Rasid and he will strengthen the right wing position besides the arrival of Adam Nor Azlin who will return from the Asian Games in Jakarta-Palembang, Indonesia and will add a choice of defense players.

“We are aware that the sharpness of the attack should be enhanced and it is not a big problem for JDT because as we are training, we are constantly improving not only in the position of attack but also in the middle and defense positions,” he said.

JDT is now in second place after collecting six points but the rivalry in the two slots to the knockout round is still open between MIFA (seven points), Kedah (five points) and Kelantan (four points) while the four teams still have two games remaining.

Thus, Figueroa considers the two remaining match as a ‘final’ match for the South Tigers and can not fall behind points but the current lack of performance defeating Kelantan by just 1-0 on Saturday should be resolved to face Kedah.

According to him, during the Super League, JDT had beaten Kedah 2-1 at Darul Aman Stadium and it will be a motivation for every player to pursue victory.

“Going against Kedah in their own home is hard not just for JDT but all the teams that go there. As longtime champions, we have a mission to try to defend the title.

“Whatever it is, we can not be under pressure and want to maintain the momentum of victory with the two games remaining, so we will play as usual and try to avoid Kedah taking advantage of us to thwart our efforts to score three points,” he said.

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