Thursday, 30 August 2018

Shahrel Fikri is lonely

By news-admin – The homesickness virus starting to strike Nakhon Ratchasima striker Shahrel Fikri Md Fauzi after almost two months being in the Thailand One Division League, starting in June.

Shahrel who was loaned out by PKNP FC to Nakhon for five months posted a tweet on his Twitter account sharing his loneliness when he is always alone during his daily activities in the neighboring country.

His tweet created numerous reactions among fans with some worrying about syndromes of coming back early like some local players such as Nazmi Faiz Mansor in Portugal and Wan Zack Haikal and Nazirul Naim Che Hashim in the Japan League.

According to PKNP FC’s manager, Abu Bakar Fadzim, Shahrel is forced to live alone in the White Elephant state without anybody.

“Two weeks ago he was on leave and went back to Ipoh and we had a chance to meet him and we were training together.

“He told us about his life in Bangkok, including living alone in a rented house that was prepared by the club. It’s normal that sometimes when we sit alone, we will start to feel homesickness and so on.

“However, I advise him not to think too much about it, but stay focused for the sake of aspirations and pursue a dream to be the best player.

“I’ve known him for a long time, he won’t  go back early as long as his mission is not over,” he said when contacted by NSTP Sports today.

Through Shahrel’s tweet, he wrote: “It’s not easy to live in other people’s country alone.

“There are no friends, friends are there only during training and those are just teammates, there are no friends before and after training,  friends to eat with or to go out with,” said the former PKNP team leader.

On August 9, Shahrel scored his first league goal in Thailand’s League Cup quarter-final match against Ranong United, thus opening up a spot for him to undergo a national squad training starting Monday in preparation for two friendly matches to meet Taiwan and Cambodia on 7th and 10 September.

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