Monday, 24 February 2020

Manchester City Hire Lawyers Against Sanctions from UEFA

By db-admin –  Manchester City did not give up against sanctions from UEFA related to FFP violations and hired top lawyers.

Quoted from the BBC, Saturday (2/22/2020) the club owned by Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan is said to pay hundreds of millions per day to hire a lawyer. It’s lawyer David Pannick QC who will become City’s attorney to appeal UEFA sanctions at the Arbitration court level.

Pannick’s track record in the world of British law is well known. In a way, he is parallel to Hotman Paris in Indonesia. This 63-year-old man had previously succeeded in breaking down Brexit rules. What he fought against was British PM Boris Johnson and former PM Theresa May.

City reportedly paid 20 thousand pounds or the equivalent of Rp 356 million per day for Pannick services. In addition to having a track record of quite brilliant cases, Pannick in 2008 had time to get a national title from the United Kingdom.

Earlier, Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola said that his club would fight sanctions imposed by the European football federation, UEFA related to violations of the Financial Fair Play (FFP). According to Pep, sanctions given by UEFA are very unfair.

“That is not the final decision. The club feels that this sanction is very unfair. And we will fight by making an appeal and waiting for the outcome of the appeal, “Guardiola said.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Manchester City, Ferran Soriano, questioned the harsh punishment received by his team from the European Football Association (UEFA). According to him, the alleged violations were not true and UEFA punished on political grounds.

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