Saturday, 6 October 2018

Responding to the Disciplinary Committee’s Sanction, PSSI Got the Terror

By news-admin

PSSI – PSSI Disciplinary Committee has released the sanction for the parties responsible for the death incident of a supporter in Bandung, September 23, 2018.

Public responded to the decision diversely. Many appreciated this season. But, some others felt disappointed and threw the curse, insult, and murder threat to PSSI management. It’s not only through the social media, but also the personal number.

“Yes, PSSI management got thousand of terrors to their cellphone. From just some insults to murder threat due to the sanction. We regret the terror to the phone, it disturbs the working process in managing the national football,” said PSSI Head of Media Relation and Digital Promotion, Gatot Widakdo when asked for the confirmation.

With thousand of terrors, Gatot continued, the phone is disturbed. In fact, the management still needs to contact the stakeholders of Indonesian football, also the federation abroad.

Some PSSI managements also hoped that all parties could hold themselves for the sake of peaceful and calm national football, building the path for the national team’s achievement.

“We can’t help to think how could the personal phone number of the management could go viral for the hate and murder terrors. This should stop now and let’s think positively,” Gatot Widakdo added.

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