Sunday, 8 March 2020

Alexander Ceferin: Manchester City is an Asset for European Competitions

By db-admin –  Aleksander Ceferin revealed that the Premier League club, Manchester City, is an asset for European competitions such as the Champions League or the European League.

According to Ceferin, although City are currently banned from competing in the Champions League for the next two seasons, the club is still a good club. He also dismissed that the sanction from UEFA on City was based on dislikes.

“I don’t like us talking about Manchester City’s sanction based on dislikes. We already sanctioned five or ten clubs per season. This is a normal procedure, “Ceferin said as quoted by Sky Sports, Friday (06/03).

“We are not fighting with anyone for this case. We professionally still maintain our obligations, “he added.

Ceferin also said that the federation he was leading at this time would not do anything or take action to block City in the Champions League this season. He also does not object if City wins the Champions League this season.

“They are our assets. I respect them. I don’t want to say that we don’t like them. We like them like we like other clubs,”

“Whoever won the Champions League this season was great. If City wins, that’s no problem. Regarding sanctions, the process is proceeding separately, “he concluded.

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