Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Andik Vermansah Admired This U16 National Team Player

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Andik Vermansah – The former Persebaya Surabaya player admitted the admiration to U16 Indonesia national team winger, M. Supriadi. Andik believed Supriadi has a great chance to be the best footballer, better than him.

Andik and Supriadi have many similarities. They came from a low-income family. They also tried very hard to enhance the football skill. As the Arek Suroboyo, both also love Persebaya.

“I’m really happy with his fight. He almost looked like me. If he keeps on trying like before, I’m sure that he can be better than me,” the Selangor FA player said.

Andik admitted that he often watched Supriadi and the U16 national team match through the video streaming. He couldn’t come to Gelora Delta Stadium Sidoarjo because he is currently in Malaysia with Kedah FA.

“How can I say that he can pass Andik Vermansah? Honestly, I’m not as great as Supriadi when I was 16,” the national team player mentioned.


M. Supriadi

When he was as young as Supriadi, 16, Andik supported Surabaya during the 2017 Porprov. His name known after delivering the East Java football team to win the 2008 PON.

Meanwhile, Andik prepared a present for Supriadi. Andik admitted that he wants to meet the boy from Rungkut. “If God permits, I don’t know when sooner or later I will give present for Supriadi,” he said.

“Not only because he is a fan of me, but I also praised his hard work. Who knows the present could motivate him to exercise more,” Andik expected.

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