Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Demetrio Albertini Said Corona Pandemic Could Be Fight This Way

By db-admin –  AC Milan and Barcelona former player, ​​Demetrio Albertini said that the corona virus pandemic can only be resisted by means of a united world community.

Quoted from the official page of Barcelona, ​​Monday (3/23/2020) the current condition is indeed a difficult challenge faced by the world community.

“These are difficult situations and challenges facing the world community. But I have no doubt that we can help each other to fight this pandemic,” Albertini said.

“We must be sure that we can say that we will defeat the biggest enemy of the moment, the corona virus,” he added.

Albertini also shared stories about the condition of himself and his family in the midst of the corona pandemic, especially in Italy which is the country with the highest fatalities in the world.

“The days are very different for me and my family. When we learned that Northern Italy was a delicate area, we decided to move to Tuscany. This is the best choice for my family,” he said.

“My two children are currently studying at home using the internet. My wife also helps them as best they can,” he concluded.

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