Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Klopp Defends Critics to Liverpool Transfer Business

By news-admin – More than £170M has been used by Liverpool in this summer transfer market. The Reds were using it to recruit Fabinho, Naby Keita, Xherdan Shaqiri, and Alisson Becker.

From four of them, Alisson is the most outstanding due to his 75 million euro price tag from AS Roma, making him the most expensive goalkeeper in the world. The price is more or less the same with the money spent by Liverpool to buy Virgil van Dijk from Southampton.

Crazy spending of Liverpool made them pay a lot for just one player. This is becoming trending, especially for the club and media. It’s not for criticizing the club transfer, but Jurgen Klopp’s comment that he said two years ago.

“Other clubs can go out and spend more money and collect top players, yes. If you bring one player in for £100m and he gets injured, then it all goes through the chimney,” said Klopp back in 2016.

“Do I have to do it differently to that? Actually, I want to do it differently. I would even do it differently if I could spend that money. I want a special team spirit – I don’t feel it is necessary, I want it.”

At that time, Klopp satirized Manchester United who just bought Paul Pogba from Juventus worth £89M, also Manchester City buying John Stones from Everton.

Like a backfire, Klopp did the same as Man United and Man City during the current summer transfer market. The media caught him with his statement.

“That’s the problem these days. Whatever bullshit you say, nobody will forget it. On the other side, it is still kind of true. I couldn’t imagine the world would change like that from two-and-a-half years ago. One hundred million was a crazy amount of money. Since then the world has changed completely,” said Klopp to Goal.

“Since then the world has changed completely. I am sure at this moment we have signed the most-expensive goalkeeper. There will be some nice transfers to follow. It is not for me to push through my thoughts and say we don’t want to buy players or pay big money and in the end, Liverpool is not successful. That doesn’t work.”

“We have a really good squad. To improve it is expensive. Better players than we already have are not waiting around the corner. We don’t care what the world around us is thinking. Like Manchester United didn’t care what I said,” Klopp concluded.

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