Saturday, 6 October 2018

PT LIB’s Comment Regarded Persib Plan to Home in Serui

By news-admin

Persib – Persib Bandung supporters, Bobotoh, stated their intention for Persib to have the home base in Serui. The Pangeran Biru team are under the sanction from PSSI Disciplinary Committee to conduct the home match outside Java with no spectator until the end of the season.

Recently, the social media is trending with #Seruiken. The campaign is conducted to support Persib Bandung in placing the home base on Yapen Island, Papua.

Persib’s Instagram account also sent the signal. The two posts seem like confirming the plan of Pangeran Biru to make Perseru Serui stadium, Marora, as the home base.

Then, what’s the response from PT Liga Indonesia Baru (LIB) as the competition operator?

“Actually that’s their call. Most noteworthy for not conducting the match in Java,” said PT LIB CEO, Risha Adi Wijaya to reporters, Thursday (4/10).

“It’s up to Persib to play anywhere because we can’t limit it. The regulation is clear for not playing in Java. It’s up to them.”

“Certainly we know they have their own consideration,” Risha concluded.

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