Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Guardiola Underestimated David Silva

By news-admin

David Silva –  Manchester City coach, Pep Guardiola, stated he was very impressed with the appearance of David Silva.

“He is a competitor, also a winner. He has won four English League titles and other titles. I admire him, especially when I see the numbers, “Pep said.

Pep did not dismiss that at first he had doubts about David Silva’s abilities. The former Barcelona coach said he had doubts on Silva’s ability.

“Silva is a technical player, not box-to-box. From the outside, with my description of English football, he would have a hard time. But in the end I was thrilled because I misjudged him. “

Pep added that Silva later showed that he was a typical fighter player. He considers Silva to be very tough and never gave up on the situation.

The match between Bournemouth against Manchester City became a separate note for David Silva. The Spanish midfielder is confirmed to have 400 matches for Manchester City.

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