Sunday, 4 November 2018

Jose Mourinho’s Expectation on Anthony Martial

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Anthony Martial – Despite criticizing Anthony Martial to media frequently, Jose Mourinho apparently expects good things happen to his player. He hopes Martial will sign the contract renewal with Manchester United.

In this season, Martial emphasized his intention to leave. Besides his expiring contract, his lack of chance to play also becomes the trigger.

Martial’s situation is getting more difficult after Jose Mourinho bluntly criticized him. According to Mourinho, Martial plays inconsistently and must accept his decision.

But now, Martial showed an impressive performance. He scored four goals from three recent Premier League matches. The 22-year-old player replaced Romelu Lukaku who is currently goalless.

Seeing this transformation, Mourinho changed his mind. The Portuguese manager wants Martial to sign the contract renewal soon.


Jose Mourinho

“I don’t belong to the discussions of contracts. To be honest, I don’t even know their contracts in the sense of numbers and I’m really happy with that, not participating in these kinds of discussions,” Jose Mourinho said reported by FourFourTwo.

“Obviously, I hope they will agree. Obviously, I hope,” he continued.

“One thing is that he’s a talented player that everybody knows he is, everybody knows since he was in Monaco that he is a talented player. Another thing is a talented player with consistency and understanding what a football match is in the globality.’

Some British media reported Anthony Martial and Manchester United haven’t reached the deal due to the salary gap. If it remains, Martial has the right to talk to another club in the upcoming winter transfer market.

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