Saturday, 14 July 2018

Mourinho Analyzes England’s Loss from Croatia

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DBasia.newsAfter giving high expectation, the England national team made the supporters disappointed during the World Cup. The Three Lions failed to get the ticket to the final round of 2018 World Cup after defeated 1-2 from Croatia on the semifinal.

Nevertheless, the Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho emphasized it happened due to the failure of England to maximize the opportunity to win. In fact, the Southgate squad had many chances during the first round.

“If I was a bit naïve, if I didn’t have the experience I have in football, I would have come in at halftime and said the job is done. But it was not done,” said Mourinho as the guest analyst of RT.

His statement referred to England 1-0 position in the first round, and there were many opportunities in the front line of England during that round. When Croatia scored a point, the game changed completely.

“When the game was easy for England, the second goal didn’t come, and when Croatia scored their equalizer, they received a big dose of confidence, and the game changed completely.

By the end, Croatia deserved it – by the end, you could see it from the number of shots, from the ball possession numbers, which changed dramatically,” explained Mourinho.

Though failed, Mourinho emphasized that England should be optimistic. However, they presented the best and still has big potency in the future.

That’s why Mourinho hopes England can keep the current squad and asks Gareth Southgate to hold on to his position as the coach. Nevertheless, Mourinho admits it won’t be easy to forget the loss in Luzhniki Stadium.

“They were so close it hurts more. When you lose in a semi-final and the team is better than you go home relaxed thinking the best team won. The worst thing in football is when you lose and you don’t deserve to, or if you were very close,” Mourinho explained.

“The team improved a lot in relation to previous appearances. It’s a young team, the majority of the players will play in the next World Cup with more experience at club level.”

“If I was in charge of the FA there would be no doubt that I would keep Gareth Southgate and Steve Holland in their jobs and give them the chance to take the team to the next Euros and the next World Cup,” Mourinho concluded.


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