Friday, 18 October 2019

Paul Ince Rejects Mario Mandzukic’s Arrival to Manchester United

By db-admin –  Manchester United club legend, Paul Ince, believes Mario Mandzukic would be useless if he joins Manchester United. He also objected to the plan to recruit the Juventus bomber into the team.

Mario Mandzukic is certain to leave Juventus next January. Manchester United became the club most likely to bring in the bomber.

However, Paul Ince considers the striker would not be suitable to play at United. He stressed Mandzukic was not the answer to the club’s poor performance so far.

“I don’t think Mandzukic is the answer to all club problems. I feel you will not be able to get the best players in January, the club will not sell the best players in the winter, “Paul Ince told Mirror on Wednesday (10/16/2019).

“So whoever Manchester United bring in will only add to the problem. He will not be useful there. “If they want to get a new player they have to find a younger striker, and it’s not Ibrahimovic or Mandzukic,” he added.

This season the club nicknamed the Red Devils had lost their touch on the front lines. Marcus Rashfrod who is the only player positioned as a pure striker failed to carry out his duties properly. Similarly, other players who are deemed to have failed to be a solution.

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