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See Why MU’s Journey Is Difficult This Season

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Man United – The Red Devils’ journey in the League Cup ended prematurely. Man United got the 7-8 defeat in the penalty shootout against the Championship team, Derby County, who led by Jose Mourinho’s previous player, Frank Lampard.

Furthermore, Man United were exhausted in playing against Derby. Leading 1-0 thanks to Juan Mata’s goal, Derby returned the situation to 2-1 by Harry Wilson and Jack Marriott’s goals.

Man United also played with 10 players since Sergio Romero got a red card at 67′ before Marouane Fellaini postponed Derby’s victory with his dramatic goal at 90+5.

The defeat against Derby continued Man United’s minor trend after playing draw against Wolves. Seeing the performance of the team who once got 20 Premier League titles, the public might be wondering, “What’s wrong with United?”

  1. Too Many Internal Problems

The time bomb has exploded. Man United become the ‘fighting arena’ of two egocentric figures: Jose Mourinho and Paul Pogba. Mourinho kept on mocking him in the media, either do Pogba.

Man United’s fans were divided: some support Mourinho, some others vote for Pogba, and those who don’t pick any side blamed Ed Woodward, Man United’s Executive Vice-Chairman. Simple.

The virus is expanding and disturb another system. Also the tense between Pogba and Mourinho. If the club can’t decide, don’t expect Man United to get the trophy, or most noteworthy… kicked from the big four of Premier League (Champions League zone).

Their problem is actually simple, regarding the playing position who was trending in the past. Mourinho accommodated Pogba to perform in a maximum way just like how he did in France national time, by applying the 4-3-3 scheme.

However, he kept on playing inconsistently, just like what Man United’s legend, Paul Scholes, said. Pogba might tell the public that he plays in the equal level as Kevin de Bruyne or Luka Modric. But has he achieved that level? Let the public and statistic prove it.

Instead of performing well, Pogba often did the blunder while starting the counter-attack and didn’t win the ball duel with the opponents.

Regardless of the purpose to move to another club, one thing for sure, Man United’s internal problem does exist.

It can be seen by how Mourinho pulled the ban captain from Pogba due to his comment in media, mentioning the manager.

  1. Inconsistency and Lack of Performance from the Players

Alexis Sanchez

From the first to the second point, it must be related. Due to the internal problem, some players got influenced and couldn’t perform the best. They are Alexis Sanchez and Anthony Martial, for example.

The supporters are shocked with Sanchez’s poor performance against Wolves last weekend. Just imagine, Sanchez didn’t play in the Champions League before the match against Wolves. With that situation, Sanchez should be energetic and passionate.

What happened was the contrary: Sanchez performed weakly and didn’t show his flexibility just like the time when he was in Arsenal. Martial didn’t either. He often forced the performance by dribbling the ball, perhaps, anticipating the opponent.

Consequently, there is one unique theory that there are only a few players who will struggle for Mourinho, or at least for their own career: Luke Shaw, David De Gea, Marouane Fellaini, and Romelu Lukaku.

  1. Poor Transfer Market

Diogo Dalot

Three new recruits of Man United this season: Diogo Dalot, Fred, and Lee Grant. Dalot-Fred are qualified, but they are not distinctive players who could decide the victory. In the end, Man United’s performance is similar to the previous season: monotonous, too many long passings, and easy-to-read.

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