Wednesday, 15 December 2021

The draw for the 2021/22 Champions League was repeated due to technical error

By db-admin – The draw for the last 16 of the Champions League 2021-2022 has caused a lot of commotion. Apart from being presented with a duel Lionel Messi against Cristiano Ronaldo, also because there was an error that occurred. As a result, UEFA decided to repeat it.

UEFA has a rule in the 16 round that teams from one country and one group in the previous round cannot face each other. Therefore, in the draw, UEFA uses a pot system to distinguish the balls of each team.

The first draw resulted in Benfica’s duel against Real Madrid. By law, the match is legal.

However, when the second draw issued Villarreal, an error occurred where Manchester United appeared. In fact, Manchester United and Villarreal are in the same group.

Then, another draw is made with the ball in the previous pot. The result, Manchester City appeared.

The problem was further complicated as in the next draw where Atletico Madrid came out as the first team, the host did not include Manchester United as a potential opponent. In fact, the Red Devils are legitimate potential enemies of Atletico as they are different countries and groups, plus they have not come out in the previous draw.

The result, Atletico will face Bayern Munich. Meanwhile, Manchester United will finally met Paris Saint-Germain.

Atletico Madrid who felt aggrieved also protested. The potential opponents they face are not in accordance with the rules.

“We are discussing with UEFA to seek an explanation and a solution for the error committed in the last 16 of the Champions League,” Atletico Madrid said in a statement.

As a result, UEFA decided to repeat the draw. “Following a technical issue with software from an external service provider instructing the hosts as to which teams were entitled to play against each other, a material error occurred in the draw for the UEFA Champions League 16 round,” read UEFA’s statement.

“As a result, the draw has been declared void and will be fully redone at 15.00 CET (21.00 WIB).”

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