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Three U16 Australia Threatening Players

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Australia National Team – The 2018 U16 Asian Cup is entering the quarter-final. The U16 Indonesia national team become the only representative from South East Asia who qualify for the quarter-final.

U16 Indonesia national team will play the quarter-final of 2018 U16 Asian Cup against Australia at Bukit Jalil National Stadium at Malaysia, Monday (1/10).

Indonesia meet Australia after achieving the champion status of Group C. In the group phase, Indonesia scored one victory and two draws. The winning got in the match against Iran 2-0 before playing draw 1-1 against Vietnam and 0-0 against India.

Meanwhile, Australia went to the quarter-final after becoming the runner-up of Group D. Joeys started the journey with the minor result by the 0-3 defeat against South Korea before winning 2-1 against Iran and 4-0 against Afghanistan.

This match won’t be easy for Garuda squad under Fakhri Husaini, considering the superiorities of Australia, one of them is the physical strength.

Fakhri Husaini squad also had a poor record in the match against Australia. In the group phase of 2017 U15 AFF Cup, Indonesia got defeated 3-7.

9 Australia players who defeated Indonesia are still playing in the U16 national team. One of them is Noah Vinko Botic, who scored two of seven goals for Australia.

The remaining 8 players are Jaiden Kai, Ryan Graman Teague, Birkan Kirdar, Luke Duzel, Joshua Varga, Adam Jeremy Pavlesic, Lachlan James Sepping, and Oliver Kalac.

From the previous match, at least there are three Australian players that will threaten the U16 Indonesia national team in competing the ticket for the semifinal round and 2019 U17 World Cup in Peru. Who are they?

Noah Vinko Botic


Rockdale City once again performed their accuracy in the U16 Asian Cup. So far, he scored three goals for Australia.

The first goal made when Australia defeated Iraq 2-1. Another goal scored by Luke Duzel.

Meanwhile, the two other goals were created when Australia defeated Afghanistan 4-0 in the last match of Group D. The two other goals are scored by Joseph John Roddy.

Noah Vinko Botic has a good instinct, especially in the box. He often maximizes the passing from the side or fly ball.

Joseph John Roddy

This Sydney FC striker is actually not the first choice. In the two initial matches, he became the substitute player.

He gained the trust from Trevor Morgan since the first minute in the third match against Afghanistan. He scored two goals to paid off the trust.

Similar to Noah Botic, Joseph John Roddy also created an excellent finish in front of the net. He perhaps will be trusted in the match against Indonesia.

Tristan Shane Hammond

Tristan Hammond is the only Australian player abroad. Currently, he supports Portuguese club Sporting Lisbon.

Tristan Hammond has a good role in Joeys. As the wing player, he often attacks and creates the opportunity for the Australia national team.

His passings are always accurate and one of them became the goal scored by Joseph John Roddy in the match against Afghanistan.

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