Friday, 8 October 2021

Lineker: Saying that Messi won’t succeed in the Premier League is a foolish opinion

By db-admin – Argentine superstar Lionel Messi is one of the best players in the world along with Cristiano Ronaldo. There’s no doubt about that. Even when the two of them changed clubs and got older, they are still often compared.

Ronaldo (36 years old) is currently back with Manchester United, while Messi (34 years old) plays at PSG after spending most of his career at Barcelona.

Compared to Ronaldo, who has tried leagues in Portugal, England, Spain, and Italy, Messi has only experienced LaLiga and French Ligue 1. No doubt some people think that Messi is unworthy of being called the best if he doesn’t play in the Premier League, which is often called the best league in the world.

This argument was also commented on by English football pundit Gary Lineker. Without hesitation to Marca, Lineker pointed out that people who think that way are ignorant. Messi doesn’t need to play in the Premier League to prove himself as one of the world’s top players.

“It’s a very foolish opinion that some people believe, in England, that Leo can’t be successful in my country because it’s a more physical league,” said Lineker.

“So foolish that I refute it with a fact: Leo has scored 27 goals in 35 games against Premier League teams in Europe. Something historic.”

“I think only two or three players have beaten that record by playing in the Premier League every Sunday!”

“There are a lot of England fans who think that only the Premier League is at the top, that the other leagues are an easier place to succeed.”

The former England striker continued his assessment of Messi after La Pulga led PSG to a 2-0 win over Manchester City in the Champions League.

“Messi’s first goal for PSG was his 27th against a Premier League team in his 31st appearance. All in the Champions League and all against the so-called top six and some say he can’t do it here.” Added Lineker.

Throughout his career, Messi has broken many personal records and trophies with the club and country. Among them are 10 LaLiga titles, seven Copa del Rey, four Champions League, six Ballon d’Or and one Copa America title.

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