Saturday, 14 July 2018

Liverpool Chance to Recruit Lyon’s Star

By db-admin

DBasia.newsLiverpool, as reported by Mirror, still has the chance to get Olympique Lyon midfielder, Nabil Fekir. The opportunity raises up after Fekir met the club.

Mirror reported France national team player during the 2018 World Cup was calling Lyon President, Jean-Michel Aulas, to open the negotiation with The Red. It is based on his dream to play for Liverpool.

Aulas and Fekir met twice during the World Cup. One of the meetings was after Belgia’s winning in the semifinal round. Aulas went to the changing room to celebrate the victory.

After that, Fekir along with his agent, Jean-Pierre Bernes sit with Aulas to discuss the recent failure of the transfer process to Liverpool. It might be because medical condition, even though both of the clubs agreed with £53M transfer rate.

Aulas is ready to renegotiate with Liverpool. Moreover, his physical condition is still unstable due to ligament’s surgery.

Later, Fekir will get £120 thousand for a week in five seasons term. If it succeeds, Fekir will join the other new player like Fabinho and Naby Keita.


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