Monday, 25 March 2019

Mino Raiola Tries to Realize Paul Pogba’s Transfer to Real Madrid

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Paul Pogba –  Manchester United midfielder, Paul Pogba, says playing for Real Madrid’s under Zinedine Zidane’s direction is a dream. Nevertheless, he also confirmed that he was happy with Manchester United.

What about the upcoming season? It seems that the Red Devils must be prepared to lose Pogba. It’s good if Man United thinks about the price of Pogba they will stake.

The reason, what Pogba said a few days ago was not a figment. According to Marca, Pogba’s statement of wanting to play at Real Madrid was serious.

In fact, Marca reported that Mino Raiola, Pogba’s agent, was looking for ways to realize his client’s dreams. Pogba is said to be fit if Madrid is the next club.

At present the thing that blocks Pogba’s desire is in the Red Devils camp. Man United’s management certainly does not want to release the player who has been the pillars of the squad.

While the other thing is Madrid itself. At present Pogba is arguably not a priority for Zidane in rebuilding Madrid. Madrid management will certainly think twice about spending a lot of money on a player who is not included in Zidane’s priority.

However, for Madrid all things can happen. Moreover, the player who expressed interest was in Pogba’s caliber. What’s more, although needing a player in other positiona, Zidane is an admirer of Pogba. Zidane had said that Pogba was a player who had the combined ability of Claude Makelele and Parick Vieira.

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