Monday, 3 May 2021

The race for the top four of the Premier League is predicted to not be heated

By db-admin – British clubs appear to be the masters of the 2020-2021 European Championship season. The All English Final even has the opportunity to occur in the Champions League and Europa League at the same time.

England each sent two representatives in the semifinals of the Champions League and Europa League. Their chances to advance to the final are increasingly open after playing the first leg.

From the Champions League, Manchester City is the English club with the most chances of advancing to the final. This happened after The Citizens won 2-1 when they visited last season’s finalist headquarters, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

Manchester City only need a draw or lose 0-1 in the second leg to win a ticket to the final. This is very possible because Pep Guardiola’s team will play at home.

Meanwhile, Chelsea’s opportunity to follow in Manchester City’s footsteps is also very open. The Blues were able to hold Real Madrid to a draw with a score of 1-1 away from home.

Chelsea only need a goalless draw in the second leg to advance to the final. This target is also very likely to be realized as the team from London has a classy record with Thomas Tuchel.

Meanwhile, in the Europa League, there is a smaller chance of the All English Final. Two representatives from England, Manchester United and Arsenal achieved different results in the first leg of the semifinals.

Manchester United were able to win 6-2 at home to AS Roma. Meanwhile, Arsenal fell to Villarreal with a thin score of 1-2.

On paper, Manchester United is already in the final. But Arsenal’s chances are also relatively big because they only need to win 1-0 in the second leg which takes place at home to reverse the position.

The Big Four Become Victims

The occurrence of the All English Final in two European competitions will certainly signal the return of the glory of English clubs. But this phenomenon will make five Premier League clubs nervous.

The five clubs in question are Leicester City, West Ham United, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur and Everton. Their chances of appearing in the Champions League next season are in danger of being closed despite taking fourth place.

This can happen if Chelsea and Arsenal come out as winners of two European competitions this season. The title of champion will indeed make both teams obtain automatic tickets to the Champions League even though they fail to penetrate the top four in the domestic league.

UEFA only allows each country to be represented by a maximum of five clubs in the Champions League. That means, the five clubs above must secure third place in the Premier League to prevent the worst from happening.

From the last condition, Leicester have the upper hand as they are currently in third place. They also have a points advantage that is far enough away from the other four clubs so they only need to keep their distance for the rest of the season.

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