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The story of the England national team’s Sweet Caroline song at the 2020 European Cup

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DBasia.news – The song Sweet Caroline belonging to classical singer, Neil Diamond, became a mandatory song for England fans at Euro 2020. Thousands of The Three Lions supporters sang the song together at the end of the match.

The fans already have a catalog of songs that are usually sung in the stadium. Some of them are Football’s Coming Home, World in Motion, and Vindaloo. However, in this edition it is different.

The song Sweet Caroline has long been a celebration song for a number of British sports teams and other sports. Aston Villa and Chelsea fans have been singing the song for years too.

Apparently, the Sweet Caroline song fever has now infected British fans. Tony Perry, a DJ at Wembley Stadium, played the song after England’s win against Germany.

“When England played Germany, we actually played Sweet Caroline in preparation before the game. Then, both fans reacted like crazy,” Perry told the BBC.

“At the time, I thought Sweet Caroline had done a better job than Vindaloo.”

The screening of the song Sweet Caroline was also welcomed by Gareth Southgate. “You can’t beat Neil Diamond. It’s a very uplifting song. I think it brings people together,” Southgate said.

Meanwhile, regarding the song Sweet Caroline, the name in the title was inspired by the daughter of former United States president John F. Kennedy. Although, the theme of the lyrics was inspired by Diamond’s wife, Marcia, which was written in 1969.

The song was in third place on the US charts at the time. Meanwhile, in England, the popularity of the song Sweet Caroline only occupied the eighth position. However, Sweet Caroline is still being remembered for decades.

In addition to England national team fans, Northern Ireland national team fans are also accustomed to singing the song Sweet Caroline. In fact, earlier or more precisely in 2005. Uniquely, at that time Northern Ireland defeated England.

On the other hand, the song Sweet Caroline is also synonymous with British heavyweight boxer, Anthony Joshua, and the Major League Baseball team Boston Red Sox.

Here are the lyrics to the song Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond:

Where it began,

I can’t begin to know,

But then I know it’s growing strong

Was in the spring,

Then spring became the summer,

Who’d have believe you’d come along?


Touching hands,

Reaching out,

Touching me,

Touching you…

Sweet Caroline!

Good times never seemed so good.

I’ve been inclined

To believe they never would

But now I…

Look at the night

And it doesn’t seem so lonely.

We filled it up with only two.

And when I hurt,

Hurting runs off my shoulders,

How can I hurt when holding you?


Touching one,

Reaching out,

Touching me,

Touching you…

Sweet Caroline!

Good times never seemed so good.

I’ve been inclined

To believe they never would, oh no, no.

Sweet Caroline!

Good times never seemed so good.

Sweet Caroline!

I believed they never could.

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