Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Wayne Ronney’s Controversial Transfer to Derby County

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Wayne Rooney

DBasia.news –  Wayne Rooney’s transfer from DC United to Derby County has brought up an interesting story. Reportedly, there is the role of online gambling site behind the 33-year-old’s transfer.

The former England captain moved to Derby in January 2020 or when MLS (Major League Soccer) ended. Rooney will be a player-coach there and is reportedly paid £ 90,000 per week.

There was originally nothing strange about the transfer, however, the public’s spotlight became larger on the transfer because it involved an online gambling site called 32Red. That’s why Rooney wore the number 32 jersey with the same sponsor in front of the shirt.

Rooney’s salary will also be paid from the online gambling site. Humanitarian figures such as the bishop of St Albans church, Doctor Alan Smith, were disappointed that Rooney had chosen to join Derby because of the help from the online gambling sites. A star and role model such as himself should be setting a good example for young men in England.

“Stars must be aware of the fact that they do not help fans by wearing the gambling logo. There is a clear academic impact on this type of advertising to children,” Smith said as quoted by the Guardian.

“Rooney should be an example and defend fans by refusing to wear the jersey. If young footballers see a national treasure reject personal brands and taking the moral side, then it would be better to protect families from the effects of gambling, for now and in the future.”

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